11 x on the road with the app Thuringia.MyCulture.

1 x on tour in 360Grad Thüringen Digital Discover.

Eleven times Thuringia. Always different places, new perspectives, completely different tour. One of these tours takes you into the digital world of experience. A selection of personalities who are prominently associated with Thuringia invite you to get to know them better.

Stories that are not in the history books and encyclopaedias are much more exciting.

That's exactly the point. The app doesn't want to give you a history lesson. Still alive today, that doesn't have to mean museums and history books. Let's go back to the gentlemen Luther, Bach and Gropius: Luther's colloquial language is more familiar to most of us than Bible words. One or two of his sayings are more familiar to you than you think. Just like the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. One of the most famous pieces of music, the Air, was written by Bach. This heavenly music is often played at moments when we pause and come to rest, at funerals and weddings. Speaking of celebrations: This is where Gropius and his Bauhaus come into play. The student parties at the Bauhaus in Weimar were very different from those at universities in the rest of Germany 100 years ago. This is also a story of the app. How about sitting at Anna Amalia's table in illustrious company, looking at animals and their characteristics from Alfred Brehm's perspective or puzzling over which words are actually suitable for use in the dictionary and what Konrad Duden associates with Thuringia. We've already given too much away. It's best to discover the remaining three personalities for yourself.

It works quite simply.


Whether you have an Android or swear by your iPhone, you can find the Thuringia.MyCulture. app free of charge in both stores. Simply install it and you're ready to go.
On your tour, you scan predetermined points with augmented reality. Now it's all about guessing, combining and discovering. The order of your tour is not predetermined, you set it yourself. Plan 30 to 45 minutes for your tour in the digital adventure world Tour. It will be interesting, amazing and definitely entertaining.


11 x On the road in Thuringia.

If you're spending the day in Erfurt, why not let Thuringia.MyCulture. accompany you? Medieval time travel or flower city tour - both are very different, but entertaining city tours through Thuringia's state capital. Or would you prefer a tour through Thuringia? Castles? Bauhaus? Bach? The choice is yours.


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