Start exploring Thuringia in Erfurt

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You are curious about Erfurt? You are on a cultural tour in Weimar? You find the Wartburg fascinating? You want to know where you can hike best? Na dann. Let yourself be inspired. Start your Thuringia time with a trip to the digital world of experience vis á vis Erfurt's main train station.

What a fabulous setting!

Towering trees reach for the sky and, depending on the time of day, there’s a sliver of morning light, midday sun or evening sunset. Discover Thuringia’s natural beauty in our virtual forest clearing, the Lichtung room, where the KUKA robot arm hovers over a three-dimensional map of Thuringia, ready to provide inspiration for your visit. Take your time to meet six Thuringian locals who show you their favourite places and whisk you away on their personal journeys through the region in short films.

Sit down for a bit

and let your gaze wander slowly around the Weitblick, or panorama, room. You may well recognize the landmarks that frame this space in plain silhouette. The peace and quiet is broken as soon as you put on the headset and embark on your journey, from Wartburg Castle through the Dragon’s Gorge into the Duchess Anna Amalia Library and up to the peaks of the Thuringian Forest. One minute, stars are twinkling at you in Jena’s Zeiss Planetarium, the next you find yourself at the Cathedral Steps Theatre Festival in Erfurt. Through the magic of virtual reality, you become part of the film and discover memorable sights and vistas.

A friendly chat

can replace many a long-winded search on Google. As ambassadors of Thuringia, we know our way around the region. And if we really don’t know the answer to your question, we’re sure to have an idea where you can find it. In the Gute Rat (good advice) room, you can purchase tickets for everything from the biathlon to the Zughafen event venue, and also find the perfect souvenir of your visit to Thuringia. Because we know how handy it is to have easy access to Wi-Fi or a power socket, we provide both free of charge. And if you’re looking for more ‘traditional’ reading material for your onward journey or your return visit, we can offer that too.

Let us whet your appetite for Thuringia, a region of amazing natural landscapes with an engaging and vibrant arts scene and cultural life. Nowhere else combines nature, culture and the arts quite like Thuringia. The region is easy to access from any direction, and there is so much to see and do here that you will keep coming back.

We look forward to your visit.

We recommend

downloading the Thuringia.MyCulture. app onto your smartphone or tablet. The app provides all manner of entertaining and fascinating facts about Thuringia beyond the usual ‘A-Z of’. How wild were the parties at the Bauhaus in Weimar really? How and why is music by Johann Sebastian Bach floating through the endless depths of space? How well do you know the character traits that animals are said to have? Is the Duden, the quintessential dictionary of the German language, still up to date? 
Use augmented reality to scan the nine experience points in our digital showroom and uncover surprising stories and inspiration for your journey through Thuringia.

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