Digital world of experience + a lot of personality

Good to know.

The ‘360 Degrees – Thuringia Goes Digital’ showroom offers 200m² of Thuringia at its best – fresh, modern, digital and 100% inspiring.

Let us whet your appetite for Thuringia, a region of amazing natural landscapes with an engaging and vibrant arts scene and cultural life. Nowhere else combines nature, culture and the arts quite like Thuringia. The region is easy to access from any direction, and there is so much to see and do here that you will keep coming back.

We are well prepared for your wishes and questions. 

You will find with us:

  • Inspiration and information about Thuringia as a travel destination
  • VR, AR and even more - free digital experience
  • nine personalities on the trail - Experience tour with the app Thueringia.MyCulture.
  • personal travel tips from our Thuringia ambassadors
  • kostenfreie Broschüren aus ganz Thüringen zum Mitnehmen
  • free brochures from all over Thuringia to take home
  • free wifi and charging stations for smartphone and tablet
  • lovingly selected travel souvenirs
  • play Goethe, play Bach (Playmobil figures)
  • City cards for Erfurt and Weimar
  • your tickets for cultural, musical and sporting events
  • Mobile on the road in Thuringia - VMT- Information and tickets for public transport
  • Learning place for everyone aged 9 to 99 with the license to know Thuringia:in
  • Culture from the beginning - Thüringer Kulturpass for children and teenagers
  • Refill water bottle - Refill Station


If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail.


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