Experience Portal "Discover Thuringia" on the Erfurt Petersberg

or: How you can discover the whole of Thuringia at the BUGA in Erfurt.

Well, not all of Thuringia. There's not enough space, but there are a few things. All you need is a desire for Thuringia, some time and a portion of curiosity and off you go.

Where & When can you find our Experience Portal "Discover Thuringia"?

You'll find us on the plateau of Erfurt's Petersberg. For the duration of the BUGA, the Defensionskaserne will be opening its doors and offering a glimpse into its interior - the perfect place for us.

How does entry to the Experience Portal "Discover Thuringia" work and what does it cost?

During the opening hours of the BUGA, the Experience Portal "Discover Thuringia" will also be open. Your valid BUGA ticket also gives you a licence to visit us. We recommend that you take out your Experience Ticket at the entrance to the exhibition. The ticket will then accompany you through the rooms and you can save our Thuringia tips on it and take them home with you in case you need some inspiration later on. As we believe that the visit should be comfortable for everyone, we have paid attention to accessibility. The entire exhibition is bilingual (German and English).

How much time do you have to plan for your visit?

We think: Take your time. There is a lot to discover and try out. Allow a good hour for your visit. Don't forget your camera or at least have your mobile phone ready for a few snapshots. We'd love it if you linked to us on social media and used our hashtags! #deinthuringia #visitthuringia
Of course, if you're busy with that, your visit will take a little longer.

What's there to see?

You can dream away on a hiking tour to the Rennsteig or become a Bauhäusler, get your ear chewed off in the Knetschecke, listen to the shopkeepers on Krämerbrücke, test your talents at the Bratwurstrost or just stay seated for a while. We invite you on a short journey to Thuringia's natural landscapes, to discover more or less well-known treasures and landmarks from Wartburg Castle, Kuchenstadt and onion patterns to Christmas Land on the Rennsteig, to meet and get to know well-known Thuringians again. You can have stories told to you or become part of the exhibition yourself. 

How we came up with the idea of bringing a Thuringia experience portal to the BUGA in Erfurt is a longer story. We'll tell you about it elsewhere..

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